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  • Key Events 2019

    Amsterdam - Lumenis Medical Equipment EMEA Leadership Conference 2019 Barcelona - International SOS Sales and Marketing Conference 2019 Bilbao - Siemens-Gamesa  Wind Power Global Leadership Conference and WebCast Birmingham - Concept Resourcing Annual Staff Conference Brighton - American Express UK HQ Staff Conference Bristol - Financial Business Consultancy Wellbeing Conference 2019…

    Jan 23, 2020 Explore
  • In Blind Pursuit of the Midnight Sun

    Approaching midnight. The giant Illushyian military aircraft came thundering low over the Patriot Hills with the grace of a space shuttle, her nose crabbing into the gusting 42-knot crosswinds. The brilliant Russian pilot, along with his 11-man crew, were being talked down with the aid of all the high-tech support…

    Apr 05, 2016 Explore
  • How to become a Dangerous Dreamer

    Have you ever wondered how come some people make so little with so much in their lives, and others make so much with so little? Whilst participating in an 11-day ultra-marathon in China, running through part of the Gobi Desert, world-renowned German athlete Stephan Schlect panted a profound thing to…

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