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Jamie Ritchie

“I have to say that Miles was brilliant and an absolute inspiration to our audience, his balance of speaking and media was just right, using his adventure challenges in our Airbus business context really well. Miles had the desired effect I was looking for which was to wake people up from their day to day issues and pessimism and really start to think of things differently! Our CEO Bernhard was particularly taken by Miles and his speech; the three of us spent a few hours having a bite to eat together and a few glasses of wine into the evening, and it was a pleasure!!! Miles was a triumph!”

Sue Curtis

“I have recently returned from the Advantage Conference in Sorrento and feel compelled to write to you to thank-you for such an interesting and inspirational speech. It was very funny and, along with everyone else, made me roar with laughter but it was also very moving and reduced me to tears several times. You are the most remarkable man I have ever had the privilege to listen to.”

Rose Kearns

“I sent Miles a personal ‘thank-you’ this morning to express how deeply his speech and message touched me and the rest of the Cisco Systems delegates at our Niagara Falls annual conference. Miles’ message of ‘teamwork’, ‘growing ourselves’, ‘expanding one’s circle’ and his inspiring and riveting real life stories kept the entire audience pinned to their chairs for the entire 90+ minutes. Miles is a gifted inspirational speaker. His wisdom and insight has certainly touched each of us…. I had nothing but extremely positive comments about our esteemed guest speaker.”

Jane Dixon

“Miles, I want to thank you for both of your incredibly moving and inspiring presentations to GSK. On both occasions you created such a positive impact, not only on myself but also on my colleagues – if only you could have heard the buzz in my workspace yesterday after your talk! Please don’t underestimate what a profound and inspirational impact you have made on both my life and those of my colleagues.”

Richard Thornley

“Miles is not only a global adventurer, he is also an entertaining presenter whose inspirational messages register with any culture. His witty stories, images and achievements captivated our group of Japanese employees, staff and customers, and they went away with renewed energy, motivation, and courage to tackle our business challenges as an effective team.”

Sue Copper

“I have worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and have had the opportunity of listening to many different people but no one has ever reduced me or a whole audience to tears like you did. You deserved your standing ovation.”

Jim Poole

“A very powerful keynote presentation that could not have been more persuasively communicated. Your style of presentation was both engaging and very funny. It was pitched just right…”

Paul Carter

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our Rolls-Royce global supply chain conference in Berlin this week. The feedback from the suppliers and the delegates was simply fantastic. Your message was right on the spot in terms of where we all are as an Industry and I know the inspiration you gave to everyone will result in an improved level of performance.”

Tony Gordon

“Miles is possibly the most refreshing and uplifting speaker I have ever heard. With a disability that would keep most of us staying at home, Miles goes out and conquers challenges which would be beyond the imagination of all but the smallest minority. His attitude to life is so positive that his audience can feel it; (…) it is not possible to listen to Miles without feeling uplifted.”

Ray Bradbury

“Miles has achieved more in his lifetime than a dozen others put together. His courage and sheer determination to succeed are inspirational. Any business striving for success should hear his message.”

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