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Claire Ellis

“I just want to say a huge thank you for your wonderful event today, it was truly inspiring and I enjoyed every minute. We have had by far the best feedback from this session compared to any of the events we have organised over the last 18 months!”

Matthieu Campion

“Miles’ speech was a success, no doubt about that, at our Marrakesh Global Leadership Conference. He was the focus of all discussions at the restaurant that same day, and I am personally delighted to have met such a person… He is the kind that you never forget, and once again not only because of what he accomplishes. What else can I say Miles, you are the best!”

Alain Denizet

“I would like to thank you again for the outstanding speech you delivered during our Sanofi Intercontinental Region Leadership Kick off meeting here in Paris. People were delighted!
At the end of the conference we ran a small satisfaction survey and you scored very highly.”

Anil Raina

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation during our Genzyme Intercontinental Leadership conference in Rome. It was my pleasure and my privilege not only in meeting up with you in person, but also by getting an opportunity to listen to you once again after Mumbai. The ninety minutes of your session were definitely the highlight of the conference!”

Gretchen Moore

“I do hope my words go some way to convey the effect and lasting impression you have had on all of us not just as the Qatar Airways team but personally as individuals too.
The genuine warmth, interest and care that you took with us was just so wonderful, you really took the time to understand our challenges and gave us not just pie in the sky words about reaching goals but actual, tangible actions of how we should tackle our obstacles…all backed up by awe-inspiring examples of how you personally put them into practice and made things happen! Absolutely fantastic.”

Boyko Vassilev

“Your appearance on my national Panorama TV show this night was spectacular and breath-taking. Viewers keep on sending regards, appreciations and standing ovation. You are miraculous! Thanks again for talking to me, such meetings are once in a lifetime.”

Ken Carter

“Your input to the AB Sciex European Sales Conference in Nice was perfect – exactly the right way to send the delegates off after a busy couple of days and you definitely hit home on the “Think Bigger, Go Further, Beyond Limits” theme.
I think the spontaneous meeting in the bar for that welcome cold beer was testament to their happiness at the end of a very successful event!”

Elena Litova

“We have been receiving feedback all day today from many of the 500 Ernst & Young clients, friends and guests of your event – such lovely feedback. All of them really impressed, inspired and thankful they had the chance to have met you.
THANK YOU Miles, it was amazing!”

Debbie Nicholas

“Your session scored the highest number of excellents across the whole conference which is fantastic, and I wanted to share that with you. Your name also came up time and time again in the free time where delegates were asked what the highlight of the day was. As you can tell, your speech was very well received – you were the star of the show!”

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