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Friday 13 April Singapore

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Picked up by Jessica this morning for a TV interview at their studios; popular talk show; followed by 30 mins. radio interview at nearby studios for Singapore Radio International.

Back in the hotel lobby, chased by lady passing on street, recognising me from today's daily newspaper; apparently a photo/article about me; chased upstairs in lift for photo/autograph; I'm amazed at how good the news coverage has been; also been on today's TV news and other papers- well done bank for excellent media coverage; great profile for Bank and Seeing Is Believing…

This evening did two interviews for different papers, then spoke at event at local cinema with all bank staff from Singapore, and some members of local association for the blind, followed by block-buster film "Shooter", with bank staff explaining film background to blind people, after taking a training course; great involvement by bank staff, seeking to understand needs of blind people, and how they perceive life.

Ended great day with dinner with Richard and Jon Cook our Project Manager who has been here preparing the way ahead for us.

Next six days or so flying across all the Indonesian Islands, in preparation for the big hop to Australia and Darwin…