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Friday 6 April (Good Friday) Bangkok

Monday, April 16th, 2007

I turned out the very generous offer from the bank to arrange for a grand tour of the City, and spent the day sleeping, eating nothing except anti-biotics, pain killers, Imodium, Vitamin C etc.
In afternoon Tina, one of the Bank's great leadership team, arranged a conference call with a Thai doctor, who prescribed some additional drugs for me- so kind of her, and so helpful!
Richard arrived in the evening, after a great non-stop flight, only possible through it being lighter, tired, but having had some great flights…

Back into bed early, feeling drained, but no longer so sick.

I had a small understanding opened to me earlier today, realising what Amoebic Dysentery and similar terrible  conditions must be like for people in refugee camps, concentration camps etc.

My solid meal at the restaurant last night was somehow reduced by my strangely functioning digestive system to almost pure water in a matter of hours. Despite drinking volumes of water, none of it virtually was urinated, or absorbed into my digestive system or body, but just flushed straight through, leaving me increasingly thirsty, each time I repeated the process. Obvious answer included me taking Daerrolyte sachets regularly, replacing those vital Electrolytes that, when flushed out, contribute to so many countless child deaths each day.

Thank God for modern medicines, and what a tragedy that, today as you read this, thousands of children are dying needlessly through lack of support from those who can.
I have never experienced a condition quite like this before, and it left me very respectful of it's power and speed if unchecked in primitive conditions.

As I write this I am certainly improving, have eaten my first food of the day; bland rice, and it has all stayed in my tummy, starting to give me energy again!

Tomorrow two big events, so off to bed, with thanksgiving to the Creator of the Universe that He cares for us as individuals, including every unnecessarily blind person in the world today!