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Thursday 5 April, Dhaka-Bangkok

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Woke up feeling terrible this morning, bed sheets wet with sweat, aching, headache, teeth chattering- a great day to get up and go flying!

Huge surprise to get phone call asking me to fly direct to Bangkok, due to forthcoming huge holiday period in Thailand (like our Christmas and New Year!), meaning we would miss opportunities to undertake both staff and media opportunities waiting for us- felt somewhat bewildered- means me missing out on flights over Burma…

Mobile phone not accessing messages, feeling sick, disappointed at sudden news, not understanding wider picture, wondering if I was fit enough to fly anyway… feeling like death warmed up- worst I have felt in years; swallowing Ibuprofen, aching all over, can't get warm, stomach cramps- part of me very relieved with thought of short flight, but still bit numb with disappointment.

Feeling very thirsty, dehydrated- took Daerrolyte rehydration sachet, not feeling like eating.

Later learned from messages about holidays coming in Thailand, and realised, even if I had been feeling fit as a fiddle, I would have chosen the option to go direct to Bangkok- I have no doubt any more that  my flight doesn't revolve around me, but around Seeing Is Believing, and generating both global awareness and financial support for the programme.

|Took flight to Bangkok; met at airport, once again, by overwhelming, warm-hearted support and hospitality by Saofang and Pimolwan, two of the Bank's staff, who garlanded me with a beautiful floral necklace and escorted me through!Thailand!  Land of the smiles, with the longest ruling monarch in modern times- 60 years, recently turned 80 I understand!

Tonight I was hosted by the bank's corporate team in a beautiful Thai restaurant in the hotel- I felt very special, being surrounded by these beautiful ladies, and, apparently, men from adjoining tables looking over and speculating how come an old blind guy gets so much attention from those beautiful ladies- I think they enjoyed the surrounding puzzlement as much as I did, despite feeling very rough, but definitely buoyed up by the delicious Thai food- my absolute favourite!

I was due to meet the banks CEO for breakfast, Mee Har Foo, but I asked for a postponement, feeling quite bad by end of evening, but so enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and food!